Current Students

Suruchi Verma

  Suruchi Verma

  Graduate Student at Electrical Engineering
  Research Interests:
  • Modeling for Quantifying Air Pollutants from Natural, Industrial, and Municipal Sources
  • Alternative Sources of Energy
  • Evaluation and Ranking of Alternative Energy Sources Based on Their Environmental-Friendliness
  • Quantification of Landfill Gases
  • Air Quality Monitoring and Modeling Methodologies to Address Environmental Disasters:
                                              Desert Storms, Volcanic Ash, Oil Spills

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    naveen devata

      Naveen K. Devata

      Graduate Student at Civil & Environmental Engineering
      Research Interests:
  • Pollution Prevention through energy optimization
  • Indicators for Reducing Energy and Energy Related Emissions at Wastewater Treatement Facilities and Various Industrial Processes
  • Bioremediation Techniques for Treating Oil (Diesel & Petroleum Products) Contamination in Surface Water, Ground Water, Coastal Wetlands, Soils and Sediments

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    madhuri mudraggaddam

      Madhuri Mudragaddam

      Graduate Student at Civil & Environmental Engineering
      Research Interests:
  • Quantification of H2S and GHG Emissions from Wastewater Collection Systems and Wet Wells;
  • Oil Spill Response Technologies and Methods
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    shekhar guduru

      Shekhar Guduru

      Graduate student in Civil & Environmental Engineering
      Research Interests:
  • Occupational Health Hazards: Exposure Monitoring and Modelling
  • Determination of Exposure Potential for Various Processes under Varying Process and Ventilation Conditions
  • Exposure to Heavy Metals in Construction Industry
  • Brick Cutting and Exposure Potential to Particulates and Heavy Metals

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    katie carr

      Katie Carr

      Graduate Student at Civil & Environmental Engineering
      Currently working as an Aerospace Engineer at NASA
      Research Interests:
  • Weld Fume Particulates
  • Emission Factors for Particulates and Toxic Metals Applicable to Metal Welding
  • Characterization and Quantification of Emissions from Oil Burning and Oil Spill Response Activities
  • Green Buildings and Energy Optimization Opportunities

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    traci johnson

      Traci Johnson

      PhD Student in Engineering and Applied Sciences
      Currently working as an Environmental Technical Director,
      International Matex Tank Terminals (IMTT)
      Research Interests:
  • Air Pollution Monitoring, Modeling, and Control
  • Quantification of Hydrocarbons and VOCs from Diesel and Petroleum Tanks and Tank Terminals
  • Oil Spills Resulting from Loading and Unloading Operations and Multimedia Environmental Management

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    amit sengupta

      Amitdyuti Sengupta

      Project Manager, Digital Engineering & Imaging, Inc.
      Doctoral Scholar at University of New Orleans
      Research Interests:
  • In-situ Bioremediation Techniques for Treating Oil (Diesel & Petroleum Products) Contamination in Surface Water, Ground Water, Coastal Wetlands, Soils and Sediments
  • GHG Emission Reduction through Solar Power Applications to Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  • GHG Emission Quantification and Climate Change Issues
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    keith gordan

      Keith Gordan

      Environmental Health & Safety Specialist
      Lion Polymer Geisner, LLC
      Graduate student in Civil & Environmental Engineering
      Research Interests:
  • Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs): Inventory, Monitoring, Modelling and Compliance.
  • Human Exposure Model (HEM): Application to Manage Inhalation-Induced Health Risks (Cancer and Noncancer Risks.

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      Gautham Reddy Bheemreddy

      Graduate student in Civil & Environmental Engineering
      Research Interests:
  • Secondary Cigarette Smoke and Exposure Potential to Particulates and Air Toxins
  • Heavy Metal Variation among Airborne Particles of Different Sizes
  • Exposure Assessment of Workers and Public to Oil Burning from Oil Spill Sites

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    vandana karap

      Vandana Karap

      Graduate Student in Civil & Environmental Engineering
      Research Interests:
  • Modeling H2S Emissions from Chinese Drywall
  • Modeling Airborne Heavy Metals from Chinese Drywall Construction Activity
  • Exposure Assessment to Air Pollutants and Health Effects Evaluation;
  • Exposures from Environmental Disasters such as Oil Spills

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      Anirudh Paduru

      M.S., F.E/E.I.T
      Currently working as an Engineer II
      Baltimore Gas and Electric
      Research Interests:
  • Energy Generation Scenarios for Major World Economies: USA, China and India.
  • Future Energy Demands in USA, China and India: Energy Mix vs. Air Pollution Potential
  • Air Quality Management (Policies, Permitting, and Control Strategies) for EnergySector
  • Energy and Environment
  • Remote Sensing and GIS
  • Weather Radar Imagery

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      Nandini Seth

      Graduate student at Department of Urban and Regional Planning (PLUS)
      Research Interests:
  • Environmental Planning
  • Development and Environmental management (study on existing Development and Environment Policies for Growth management)
  • Green Building and Sustainable cities
  • Coastal restoration by Wetland regeneration

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    Matt Bethel

      Matthew Byron Bethel

      Project Manager/Research Associate
      The Pontchartrain Institute for Environmental Sciences
      Research Interests:
  • Applications of Geospatial Technologies for Environmental Assessment.
  • Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems (GIS).
  • Integration of Traditional Ecological Knowledge with Geospatial Technologies for Natural Resource Assessment and Restoration.

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    Former Students

    Kalpalatha Kambham

      Kalpalatha Kambham, Ph.D

      Environmental Consultant
      Trinity Consultants
      Research Interests:
  • Life Cycle Cost/ Life Cycle Analysis (LCC/LCA) of Shipyard Blasting and Painting Operations
  • Evaluation of Environmentally-friendly Abrasives for Shipyard Blasting Operations
  • Expert Environmental Management System (Expert EMS) for Shipyards

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    Yvette Weatherton

      Yvette Weatherton, Ph. D, P.E.

      Senior Lecturer
      Department of Civil Engineering
      The University of Texas at Arlington
      Research Interests:

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    Sanjay Datar

      Sanjay Datar, P.E., LEED(R)AP

      Project Engineer
      Eco-Systems, Inc.
      Research Interests:

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      Sivaramakrishnan Sangameswaran, Ph. D., P.E

      Environmental Engineer
      The Bioengineering Group Inc
      Research Interests:

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