Interesting Techniques for Collecting the Oil Spilled in the Gulf of Mexico

(Complied: June 1st 2010)

Video 01: Possible Cleaning Method; Using Paraffin hot Wax.

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Video 02: Possible Oil Spill Solution using Biomass (BM 007). This product can absorb 800 gallons of oil per ton.

Video 03: Possible Cleaning Method - Cheap and Easy: Using Hay and Straw

Video 04: EPA and Coast Gaurd approved method: Using Peat Sorb, Industrial Oil Absorbent.

Video 05: Method to slow down the oil slick; using Boom rings and Skimmers.

Video 06: Possible Solution

Video 07: Possible Method to fix the leaking pipe

Video 08: AeroHaz Products now renamed as AmeriHaz Petroleum Solidifiers demonstrate this amazing method.

Video 09: Oil-Water Separators (Machine). The separated water can be sent back into the environment at EPA discharge levels.

Video 11: Oil Sand Separation

Video 12: Bioremediation: Use of Microbes to eat up the oil

Video 13: Method to fix the leaking pipe; Insert a Pipe into the dameged rinser


Six Rigid Arm Sweepers being dispatched from the Netherlands to assist the Gulf coast Oil Spill Clean-up