Shipbuilding and Recycling

  1. Exposure models for welders in open, semi-enclosed, and confined spaces for various process conditions
  2. Best management practices on clean technologies, environmentally-friendly materials, green engineering practices, and lean manufacturing
  3. Life Cycle Costing and Life Cycle Assessment of Industrial Processes; Developed a LCC/LCA Model for painting and blasting process and additional work for other processes is under progress
  4. Emissions measurement and emissions modeling
  5. Air quality management - research included air quality monitoring (source and ambient), dispersion modeling, and air pollution control engineering
  6. Developed intellectual property (software applications) for industrial environmental management and promoting sustainability -
    • Expert Environmental Management System (Expert EMS)
    • Computer Model for Life Cycle Costing and Life Cycle Assessment of Blasting and Painting (LCC/LCA Model)
    • OSHA Compliance Management System (OSHA-CMS)
    • Health Risk Assessment for Air Toxics (HRMS-AT)
    • Styrene Emission Model for Fiberglass Boat Manufacturing, and VOC-HAP Compliance Management System VOC-HAP CMS
    • Clean Technologies Evaluation and Emissions Testing Facility

  7. IEMP - Integrated Environmental Management Plan for Shipbuilding Facilities

  8. Chromium 6 - Evaluation of Cr(VI) Exposure Levels in the shipbuilding Industry

  9. Expert Systems - An Expert System for Shipyard Environmental Management
  10. A Computer Model for Shipyard Blasting and Painting