OSHA Compliance Management System (OSHA-CMS)

OSHA Computerized Modeling Syatem

Many heavy industries expose their workers to a variety of occupational exposures/hazards. Important exposures/ hazards include, air toxics, noise, radiation, fall, electrical shock, contact with hazardous chemicals, and others. For shipyards, or in fact for any industry, compliance with the requirements of OSHA has become an important issue with respect to penalty avoidance and public/worker image improvement. Non-compliance and shipyard penalties have become more common recently due to increased scrutiny of worker safety/health standards by OSHA.

OSHA-CMS assists shipyards with management of worker health, safety, and hygiene issues while ensuring compliance with the OSHA requirements. The system combines the following knowledge-base (proprietary entity relationship, logic structure; intellectual property being marketed by UNO technology transfer) to assist shipyards in complying with OSHA regulations:

  • Knowledge of shipyard processes, safety/health hazards, exposure to various types of pollutants, and possibly heat/stress,
  • Knowledge of industrial hygiene monitoring methods, procedures, and calculations,
  • Knowledge of OSHA requirements and compliance methods, and
  • Knowledge of information technology.

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