Health Risk Management System for Air Toxics (HRMS-AT)

Health Risk Management System for Air Toxics (HRMS-AT)

Health Risk Management System for Air Toxics (HRMS-AT) is a knowledge-based computer application (patent pending intellectual property) that helps facilities in managing their air toxics emissions to be in compliance with the health risk guidelines of regulatory agencies. HRMS-AT assists facilities in estimating the actual health risk due to air toxics inhalation by using EPA's HEM (Human Exposure Model). Also, HRMS-AT calculates potential cancer and non-cancer risks using the cancer toxicity ratings (UREs) and non-cancer toxicity ratings (RfC) of various air toxics emitted by industrial facilities.

Industries can use this software application and the methodology in reducing the public health risks by a number of measures such as

  1. Moving the emission points,
  2. Increasing the emission heights,
  3. Identifying critical air toxics and reducing their emissions,
  4. Identifying and selecting specific air pollution control devices, and various others.
Also, this allows cost optimization and reduces maximum public health risk with minimum costs besides saving time on the decision making process.

HRMS-AT assists the industry user in:

  1. Self evaluation of facility's cancer and non-cancer risk to the nearby community
  2. Evaluation of historical performance of cancer/non-cancer risks rather than mass emissions of air toxics
  3. Evaluation of contributions of individual sources (stacks and fugitives) to the overall risk of your facility
  4. Identification of the critical industrial processes that contribute maximum risk
  5. Calculation/estimation of next year's risk potential thus helping in decision-process; prevents non-compliance, court litigation, and fines

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