Expert Environmental Management System

Expert Environmental Management Sysytem

Intellectual property, decision support software tools (desktop and web-based applications), developed for the maritime industry are being marketed by the UNO Technology / Transfer Unit with the help of collaborating private corporations. The concepts and approach used in developing these decision support tools are scalable and applicable to other industrial sectors and urban systems. Brief descriptions of these systems are provided below.

Expert-EMS is a knowledge-based intelligent system that contains information on shipyard processes, environmental engineering/science parameters, and shipyard environmental regulatory requirements. Generic information is already included in the knowledge-base and shipyard specific information will be entered by the user. The system learns as the one time and continuous input progresses and is capable of assisting shipyards in managing their environmental affairs. It automatically generates reports such as:

  1. Discharge monitoring reports
  2. Air pollutant emission inventories
  3. Solid/hazardous waste reports
  4. Tier II reports
  5. Toxics release inventory reports etc

A typical shipyard/navy yard may have several hundreds of reports considering the permutations and combinations of various sources, jobs, and locations. More importantly, the Expert EMS prevents non-compliance by alerting before any violations occur. Expert EMS's powerful decision support helps implement clean technologies, reduce environmental costs, and reduce liability (beyond compliance).

It is a comprehensive application to work for any scenario whether a yard is on the east coast or on the west coast and/or whether a yard uses Oracle database or Sybase. Expert EMS is tailored to shipyard needs so only shipyard specific terminology and the required elements/features are used. As the Expert EMS captures the core information to manage environmental affairs, any type of reports required by state and local agencies can be generated. The Expert EMS focuses on "beyond regulatory compliance" and achieves (1) health risk reduction, (2) pollution prevention, (3) resource and energy conservation, (4) productivity improvement, and (5) cost optimization. Environmental compliance is an automatic result of achieving more obvious goals. The current Expert EMS is targeted to the needs of shipbuilding industry and the concepts are being scaled up to other industry sectors. Important features are:

  • Environmental performance tracking
  • Tracking materials and waste streams
  • Tracking performance of engineering control equipment
  • Tracking and reporting for environmental compliance
  • Cross-learning among multi-media (air, water, solid/hazardous waste streams) waste managers
  • Evaluating technologies with respect to environmental-friendliness

Expert EMS concepts are applicable to other industries and are currently being pursued.

Other Research Activities

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