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Huntington's disease (HD) is caused by the death of neurons in the part of the brain that we study most in our lab.

HD is hereditary, fatal and untreatable. It begins with involuntary dance-like movements then progresses to psychosis and dementia. Patients die a slow painful death during the 10-15 year course of the desease

"Dr. Hadley"

The legendary folk singer Woody Guthrie (above) suffered from HD as does the character Dr. Remy Hadley (left) on the TV show House (played by Olivia Wilde).

Remarkably, Rhes mediates neuronal death in animal models of HD, probably because it is expressed in the very cells that die.

We are currently cross-breeding our Rhes knockout mice with transgenic mice that show HD in order to study the role of Rhes in human HD.

As Applied Biopsychologists, our hope is that our work will lead to a treatment for this terrible illness.





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Updated 2/18/2016