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3. Major Lines of Research:
Enhancing the assessment and diagnosis of childhood disorders

Another focus of research in the Developmental Psychopathology Lab is using  research to enhance the practice of assessment and diagnosis of childhood psychopathology.   The practice of psychological assessment has often been driven more by an allegiance to a theoretical orientation that underlies a particular method of assessment, or even more problematic, by an allegiance to a particular assessment technique, rather than being based on the most current understanding of the psychological construct that is being assessed.  This has led to a dichotomy between measures of psychopathology being used in research and assessment techniques being used in clinical practice.  If the field is to improve its treatment technology by being guided by advances in basic research, it is critical to translate measures that are being developed and used in research into forms that can also be used in practice.    Therefore, a continuing focus of the lab is to apply its research findings to enhancing the science and technology of assessment of childhood psychopathology.

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