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Antisocial Process Screen Device, Teacher and Parent Versions

The teacher and parent versions of the Antisocial Process Screening Device (APSD) is a commercially available rating scale system that is published by Multi-Health Systems.   The APSD was designed to assess several dimensions that have proven important for understanding antisocial behavior in youth:  Callous-unemotional Traits, Narcissism, and Impulsivity.   The copies of the scale and a manual which describes the psychometric properties of the APSD,  provides scoring instructions, and guides appropriate use of the scale can be purchased at   Also, the research and development department of Multi-Health Systems can be contacted for information on available translations of the scale.

Several studies which describe the development and initial validation of the APSD can be obtained here.

Frick, P.J., Bodin, S.D., & Barry, C.T. (2000). Psychopathic traits and conduct problems in community and clinic-referred samples of children: Further development of the Psychopathy Screening Device. Psychological Assessment, 12, 382-393.

Frick, P.J., Cornell, A.H., Bodin, S.D., Dane, H.A., Barry, C.T., & Loney, B.R. (2003). Callous-Unemotional traits and developmental pathways to severe aggressive and antisocial behavior.    Developmental Psychology, 39, 246-260.

Frick, P.J. & Dickens, C. (2006). Current perspectives on conduct disorder. Current Psychiatry Reports, 8,  59-72.



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Updated 06/15/2010