Coastal and Environmental Hydrodynamics Laboratory

Laboratory Resources

Modeling Software
Lab personnel and collaborators have experience with the following commercial and public domain computational fluid dynamics, coastal and oceanographic modes

Commercial Models
Surface Modeling System (SMS)
DELFT3D (hydrodynamics, Waves, Sediment Transport, Morphology)
FLOW3D - fully 3D CFD Model with Volume of Fluid Concept (VOF)

Public Domain and Research Models
Princeton Ocean Model (POM)
Estuarine Coastal Ocean Model (ECOMSED)
Finite Volume Coastal Ocean Model (FVCOM)
Advanced Circulation Model (ADCIRC)

Visualization Software
Multidimensional Visualization is Accomplished with Tecplot 360, Matlab 6+, And SMS 9.2


Current meters and profilers:

Teledyne-RDI Rio-Grande 12V ADCP 1200 KHz; bottom tracking
Teledyne-RDI Sentinel 24V ADCP; directional waves; bottom tracking
Teledyne RiverRay 600 KHz (with towed mini-catamaran)

Teledyne Sentinel V (currents and waves)

Sontek 5 MHz ADV Hydra System; directional waves; high precision pressure sensor
Nortek Aquapro (2 MHz) profiler

Nortek Aquadop (1.4 MHz) current meter

Nortek Vector (high frequency ADV) with integrated OBS

Sontek Micro-ADV (16 MHz) - 2 units available

Oceanographic and and optical:

YSI 6600 (temperature, conductivity, Turbidity, DO) - 3 units available
YSI 660 (handheld multiprobe, with logging capability)

SeaBird19plus, CTD profiler with OBS3+, and DO

Seabird 37IS, with onboard (vessel) pump

RBR 20 m and 50m and RBR-duo (3 units total), tide/wave sensors (non-directional waves)
Petit Ponar - 6x6 in Sediment Dredge

Sequoia LISST 100X, type C

UNO Pontchartrain Institute for Environmental Sciences (Vessels and Trucks)

Research Vessels
'Gilloppi' - 25' Deep V offshore boat - Mako Marine
'Blowin Cane' - Airboat - Mark's Airboats
'Greenhead' - 20' Aluminum flat vibracoring boat - Aluminafab
'Mudlump' - 22' Aluminum shallow V - Hanko's
'Ratcrud' - 20' Aluminum, shallow V, inshore - Duracraft
'Triggerfish' - 17' Flat inshore - Carolina Skiff
'Field Mouse' - 14' Aluminum flat inshore - Duracraft

Four wheel drive Ford F-350 (2)
Four wheel drive Chevy PU 2500
Four wheel drive Chevy Suburban

2000 Lakeshore Drive, 1065 GP, University of New Orleans , New Orleans LA 70148
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