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The Coastal and Environmental Hydrodynamics Laboratory has the following openings. Interested candidates should contact Dr. Ioannis Georgiou,

Research Positions Available

Graduate Students

Graduate student involvement is a critical component of the laboratory's success, with graduate student research often being directed towards the goals of funded research projects. Graduate student research is expected to be presented at professional scientific conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals. Enthusiastic and hard-working potential graduate students can contact me directly at

Currently the laboratory has 2 possible positions available for graduate students interested in seeking a Master of Science degree in or a Doctoral degree in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences with Coastal Studies and/or Coastal Oceanography concentration. Candidates are expected to meet the University of New Orleans requirements for the graduate program prior to approval for these positions. Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled.

Specific requirements:

Master of Science degree candidates:

A B.Sc. in Marine Sciences, Oceanography or equivalent program; introductory oceanographic and physics experience, knowledge of low level programming using MATLAB, FORTRAN or equivalent language (funding available for qualified candidates).

PhD degree candidates:

Applicants should hold a Masters degree in Marine Sciences, Oceanography,  Earth Sciences or Engineering, and sufficient background in coastal oceanography and estuarine or riverine processes. Applicants should also be proficient in programming with MATLAB, FORTRAN or equivalent language. Interested candidates should be familiar with field methods and data collection on marine/earth sciences, with specific preferred experience with ADCPs, CTDs, and LISST sensors (funding is available for qualified candidates).

Post-doctoral or Research Associates

A Research Associate Level or Post-Doctoral Fellow Level position will be available in late spring 2012.  Interested candidates should have numerical modeling experience using public domain oceanographic models such as FVCOM, experience with Unix/linux systems, and knowledge of a post-processing visualization software (MATLAB, Tecplot, or other).  FVCOM experience is preferred, for application in the lower Mississippi River, and the northern Gulf of Mexico.

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